Top 10 Best WordPress Themes [2020]
A Collection of the Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes


Dale McManus

Co-Founder & Web Developer

May 24, 2019


Hey, my name is Dale! My partner Alex and I have helped tens of thousands of people build beautiful websites around the world. In this simple, step-by-step guide, we’ll cover our 10 favorite WordPress Themes for this year. Let's dive in!

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Now to the post…

Finding just the *right* WordPress theme – nay, the BEST WordPress theme – is very difficult.

But you probably already know that. Which is why you’re here reading this post.

And I would guess that the reason you’re having trouble finding a theme is simple:

There are SO MANY themes out there!

Approximately 31,010 themes, to be specific.

Which makes sense…

I mean, 34% of the entire internet is using WordPress to run their websites.

And with 1.68 billion websites in existence at the time of this writing, WordPress powers 574 million of them.


There’s a massive market for WordPress themes.

Which is why I want to make the search for the best WordPress theme much easier for you.

To be clear, we’re covering PREMIUM WordPress themes in today’s post. In the future, I’ll cover the best free themes. But the themes covered today are well worth their price tag, as you’ll soon discover.

So if you’re ready, let’s get started!

best wordpress themes

Top 10 Best and Responsive WordPress Themes | 2019

10. The7

The7 best WordPress theme
The7 comes with tons of options for customizing everything.

Coming in at number 10 is a responsive WordPress theme called The7.

The first thing that stands out about this theme is the price:


Which is roughly have the price of the average premium WordPress theme.

And you get a lot of bang for your buck with this one.

First off, you get a clean design.

The sections of the theme are separated by white and light grey color schemes. It has a very feel to it.

Of course, you can choose a different color scheme. In fact, you can customize the entire theme in any way you like. The7 actually bills itself as the most customizable theme on the market.

You also get a ton of cool sections with awesome buttons.

And like all the themes on this list, The7 provides different demos to preview what the theme would look like live on your website.

But better than just showing what your site will look like, the demos give you ideas on how you can structure your content, providing a prebuilt layout and design for your content you just need to fill in with your images, and text, and colors.

Oh, and this is a responsive WordPress theme. All the themes on this list are responsive.

What that basically means is that if someone looks at your website on their mobile device or tablet, it will still look fantastic. Text or links won’t be out of place. The design won’t change. And the user experience will be just as good.

That means more people sticking around on your website. And that’s what we all want, isn’t it?

9. Newspaper 9

Newspaper 9 best WordPress theme


Newspaper 9 is used by all sorts of magazines, news sites, and popular blogs.

Next up we have Newspaper 9.

(I swear, not all of the themes on this list will have numbers in them. It just so happens that some really good themes use numbers in their title. Don’t ask me why.)

It’s a fair bit pricier than the last theme, but still below the industry average.

Apparently, this theme is extremely popular with magazines, news sites, and news blogs.

The base design is great, but then they give you like 70+ different demos to choose from. This is great if you don’t even want to think about designing your own site and want to plug in a powerful demo and run with it.

For example, their “Wine Aroma” demo is super clean, with light, bubbly colors. Perfect for selling various products, but especially beverages.

But if you are going to use this theme for a news-based blog, then another demo I recommend checking out is “Lifestyle Magazine.”

You’ll notice right away that it’s designed to push your blog posts front and center for your website visitors. It also includes an Instagram feed if you want to pull in content from your social media accounts and showcase them on your blog.

This is easily one of the best WordPress themes if you care more about featuring your latest posts and updates and less about having a static homepage.

8. Avada

Avada best WordPress theme


People just can’t stop themselves from buying this epic theme.

OK, number 8 on our list is Avada.

It literally costs $1 more than Newspaper 9 and is the best-selling theme of all time – it’s been purchased 500,000 times in 2019 alone and we’re only halfway through the year!

We’ll have to take the creators word that Avada is the best-selling theme of all time, but regardless, the blogosphere certainly loves it. If you search other lists of the best WordPress themes you’ll find Avada on probably every single one of them.

And for good reason:

It’s very user-friendly, has 48 prebuilt websites to choose from, and has a 5-star customer satisfaction rating.

Avada is one of those themes that can be used for anything.

From ecommerce to news to hobby blogging.

Whatever your jam, Avada will be your jelly.

It comes with a powerful website design software that any non-coder can easily use called Fusion. No coding necessary to use it.

But if you do want a prebuilt theme, I really liked “Freelancer.”

It gives you a cool parallax effect and slanted dividers and comes with a bunch of awesome buttons that are fully customizable.

In short, Avada is a standout winner at an affordable price.

7. Massive Dynamic M7

Massive dynamic M7 best WordPress theme


M7 is the most affordable WordPress theme on our list.

The lucky number 7 theme is Massive Dynamic's M7.

And let me just say, this one is particularly cool – especially if you’re into fashion and design.

For example, the template “Design Studio” is eye-popping and bold. Very photo-forward. Perfect template if you run your own design or creative agency and want to showcase your gorgeous photography or other images mixed with just the right words.

This WordPress theme is only $39, so it’s another one that’s affordable and offers a lot at a low price.

I mentioned Design Studio, but that’s just one of 70 templates to choose from.

And if you’re already a designer, perhaps a web designer like me, then you can use their simple drag-and-drop editor to whip up your own site in no time.

Oh, and Massive Dynamic integrates with WooCommerce seamlessly. So if you’re selling clothes or photos or anything else through your website and want to use WooCommerce, Massive Dynamic makes it happen with ease.

Considering the price and the options, this is a top choice for you if you’re looking for a visually stunning WordPress theme.

6. Bridge

Bridge best WordPress theme


The Bridge theme just pops with creativity, energy, and color.

WordPress theme number 6 is Bridge.

Right away, Bridge displays an awesome opener that I just really enjoy.

This theme is great for pretty much anything you do online; any type of website you’re building.

They have a TON of demos to choose from. Over 370, to be exact.

That’s why I say, no matter your business, hobby, or online pursuit…

Bridge has something for you.

Like, I gotta keep harping on this. I’ve never seen anybody put so much work into their demos and preset websites.

Each and every template to choose from is perfectly designed for that particular industry, that particular niche.

You operate a fast food restaurant? Grab this template and swap out their content for yours and you’re ready to go.

You’re a makeup artist building your brand online? Here’s a template you must have.

I could go on, but you get the point.

Now because they put so much work into this theme, it does carry a higher price of $59. But considering everything you get, that price shouldn’t scare you at all.

If you simply can’t be bothered to design your own site and want something that will look great and perform excellently right out of the box, Bridge is what you need.

5. Oshine

Oshine best WordPress theme


Oshine has a variety of templates to choose from and thousands of happy customers.

Oshine is the 5th theme featured on our list.

It bills itself as one of the best-selling creative WordPress themes on the market. And it shows.

It comes loaded with 47 different templates to choose from, most of which are very image-heavy. The templates have names like “new photography” and “web design agency” and “modern creative agency.”

Meaning, they’re made for photographers, designers, fashionistas, and a host of creative agencies.

The theme comes complete with sliders, carousels, and even password-protected photo galleries.

Oshine is the same price as Bridge and others on this list at $59. Not bad.

It was built for WooCommerce, so if you’re selling fashion products like clothing or accessories, one of these templates are ready to use right out of the box as your brand’s store.

But you’re more than welcome to design your own site using their built-in webpage builder, Tatsu.

And this theme wasn’t made for agencies exclusively. It was also designed with solopreneurs and freelancers in mind to showcase their work to potential clients.

So however you express your creativity, Oshine will help you show it off.

4. BeTheme

Betheme best WordPress theme


With over 400 pre-built websites, you’ll have yours ready to go in a few clicks.

Over halfway through this list now, and here we have BeTheme.

This one also costs $59 and is full of cool stuff.

The first thing that caught my attention about BeTheme is how it was built to support a variety of multimedia. If you’re going to be using videos on your site, this is the theme for you.

And it comes with over 400 pre-built websites that can be installed in one click. In fact, BeTheme claims that they have the most intuitive website installer ever. Whether that’s true or not, it certainly means setting up your website is going to be a breeze.

It seems other customers love BeTheme, too.

They have 60,000+ reviews, and many of them are glowing with praise.

Plenty of them praise BeTheme’s website builder which lets you choose a base grid style, add in customizable headers and logos, and it’s optimized to be a fast-loading, fast-performing theme.

And this theme is compatible with a ton of essential third-party apps like Mailchimp (for email marketing), Yoast (for SEO), and WooCommerce (for ecommerce shops).

Whatever your needs, BeTheme can satisfy them.

3. Flatsome

Flatsome best WordPress theme


If you’re trying to sell any products through your website then Flatsome is for you.

OK, we finally made it to the top 3!

The theme that gets the bronze trophy is Flatsome.

They make it clear right away that they’re “The #1 Bestselling WooCommerce & Business theme.”

So yeah, you can sell anything with this theme. And thousands of people do.

Which, if that’s something you want to do but don’t know how, I suppose now is a good time to drop a link to another video/written guide I’ve done titled, How to Make an Online Store (eCommerce Website).

Actually, in that video I show how to use a free theme to setup your ecommerce site.

But if you want all the bells and whistles, then Flatsome gets my highest recommendation.

They make it easy to segment the different products you may sell using categories like “best-selling” and “weekly featured.”

The theme is also optimized for speed (which is critical when people are making buying decisions).

Bottom line is that this theme is designed to help you sell as many of your goods as possible.

2. X Theme

X theme best WordPress theme


X theme was made for high-powered internet marketing by some great internet marketers.

Number 2 is called X theme.

This is like the ultimate internet marketing theme. One of the creators is Perry Marshall, a living titan of online persuasion, buyer psychology, and business-building.

So if you’re a serious online entrepreneur who wants to scale their sales, this is the theme for you.

It was designed with a heavy emphasis on landing pages, one of the keys to gaining more subscribers and driving consistent sales.

X theme comes with 4 unique designs they call “Stacks.” And each stack comes with different demos to give you an idea of how versatile and customizable they are.

Honestly, I don’t need to spend a lot of time on this one. The price is $59 and it’s got all the features you need to build your business online. ‘Nuff said.

1. Divi

Divi best WordPress theme


Divi is simply the most popular WordPress theme and features a one-of-a-kind website builder.

Well, we made it to number one!

And Divi deserves this spot. They’re apparently the most popular WordPress theme in the entire freaking world!

And they claim they have the ultimate WordPress page builder. Whether it’s the ultimate or not, I don’t know. What I do know is that it’s awesome.

Basically, Divi replaced WordPress’s post editor with a visual editor. It allows you to create phenomenal designs with ease. It really is unlike any editor I’ve seen.

They give you over 40 elements to mix and match in any way you choose, from call-to-actions to testimonials to sliders.

But get this…

Divi comes with over 800 pre-made website designs. And they’re constantly adding new layouts. Plus, they’re always giving you more royalty free images, icons, and illustrations.

But everything is customizable so you’re never stuck with a design you hate.

Divi was literally built for everyone so absolutely anyone can use it.

So What Theme Will You Use?

I hope that list helped narrow down the options to some of the best WordPress themes you can possibly get.

Now it’s just a matter of choosing the one that works best for you.

Anyway, if you enjoyed this post, make sure to check out the other written guides I’ve put together to help you create and run a powerful (and profitable) website in 2019 and beyond!

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A Collection of the Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes

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