Why You Need a Website | 10 Reasons [2024]

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Alright yall, let’s talk about the internet.

Literally everone is on the internet.

All of the time.

It doesn’t matter whether we’re looking to buy things, learn a new skill, watching TV, making new friends – we do just about everything but eat and sleep on the internet (though we know a couple of foodies and biohackers who try to do that too).

Nowadays, having an online presence is basically a must if you want to achieve your hopes and dreams (unless you’re aspiring to be a monk or pro “sanitation engineer” – if so good for you!).

If you’re reading this you almost certainly think that starts and ends with building a YouTube channel or solid Insta account.

Don’t get us wrong, those are great ideas.

But unfortunately, social media has become so noisy that it’s becoming harder and harder to actually stand out and make an impact if those are the only angles you’re working in the online presence game.

So how do we get around that to step out of the noise and make an impact beyond the 1 billion Instagram or 1.8 billion YouTube users (hard to imagine at the moment, we know, but it’s totally doable!)?

Easy: Create a website.

Not for you you say?

Sure it is!

And here’s 10 reasons why.

#1: You can make a LOT of money

make money

Money isn’t eveything warnings aside, we know this one’s #1 in a lot of your hearts.

I make my entire living online.

My sister Lauren makes her entire living online.

My best friend Alex makes his entire living online.

In fact, those two are millionaires now because of the websites they’ve built (like this one where they teach you how to make money online).

And that’s not a fluke – a lot of people are making a lot of money online these days (check out my Lauren and Alex’s post for a couple of other examples).

Like we affirmed earlier (in case you were feeling guilty), we do a lot of things online and buying is one of them.

When you build a website, there are a ton of ways you can make money with it!

#2: It’s a great way to express your creativity

express creativity

If money isn’t your main motivation we’ve got a slow clap for you.




Seriously, good for you!

Also, building a website provides more than just money if you want more (see how we found a way to still make you feel greedy :).

A website can be a creative space to show off your beautiful thoughts and amazing photos or illustrations.

And the process of building your website can be really creative too!

From taking your initial website idea to coming up with an awesome name, deciding what pages you want/need, adding animated buttons and sweet slideshows or color schemes through expressing yourself in every single word on every single page, creating a website is a super… creative process!

As an example, check out our Wix Tutorial to see just how much creative freedom you can exercise when building a site.

#3: It can be an amazing resume


Whether you’re aiming to be a high-powered entrepreneur who wears the finest suits while growing your professional network or just want to find a photography job that lets you wear that vintage J. Crew while you work from anywhere, a website can serve as an amazing resume to help you stand out from the crowd.

How many people do you know from work that have a website?

LinkedIn? Maybe.

Instagram? Probably.

But basically everyone’s got one or both of those.

And there’s only so much you can do in a short bio.

Being able to show off your work in a fun, professional, and unique way is good enough reason to build a site.

But in an increasingly technological world, showing you’ve got the savvy to build your own site means a ton (and really, it’s not even that hard – read on…).

#4: You can use it for a more professional email address

professional email address

Look, we’ve got nothing against gmail, we’ve all got them.

But “your_name”@“yourwebsite”.com looks a heck of a lot more impressive than the highly forgettable “your_name93”@gmail/yahoo/outlook.com (God bless you Yahoo and Outlook users).

That level of custom. That level of professionalism. That level of “woah this dude’s got his name at his website.com.”

Well, that can help you get new clients, that better job, all the way to looking like someone your bank should loan money to (ymmv on that last one).

Check out our Professional Email Address guide to learn more!

#5: You can quit your 9-5

quit your 9-5

See #1.

But just as a reminder/clarification/gravy on the cake (it’s for real good when done right)…

You can definitely make enough to live on with a website.

And then some.

And then some more.

Definitley some much more than that raise you’re hoping for AND you’ll still be stuck working with Rick (“dammit Rick I’m trying to hate my job in peace!”).

The fact is: building websites and selling services, courses, or becoming an affiliate marketer is one of the best ways of creating multiple sources of income for yourself.

With a website at the hub of your online business, you can leave that sh!t (and Rick, especially Rick) behind.

#6: It’s a great excuse for learning more about a hobby or favorite topic

learn a hobby

Most of us have hobbies.

Or at least things we like to read/learn about.

We hope you do at least.

If not – building websites could become yours!

But if you already do, we know at least one or two other people online who’d love to hear about your experience and learn more about it from you (probably more than that but we like to play it safe with our assumptions here at CaPW).

Building a website around your hobby is a great way to share what you know and love with the world.

And it’s a great excuse to connect with other people around the world who love the same thing (“hey that’s great, i did something similar – check it out on my website!”).

#7: It can help you become an influencer

become an influencer

Yeah yeah, we know, all the “influencers” are on Insta and YT these days.

And that’s exactly the problem. They’re all there. And ONLY there.

From sharing your awesome DIY skills to showing people how to make delicious meals or cut weight from their ‘04 MX-5 (autocrossers we see you), it can all be done on a website.

And you can still do the social media – just with one central place to collect all those ravid fans outside of the aforementioned noise.

#8: It’s not that difficult anymore

not difficult to make a website

Back in the old, dark days of the internet, building websites took some serious coding skills to make.

And they still looked like complete garbage compared to what’s possible today.

But today, well not only are we all greatful websites don’t look as hot as an ‘84 Mustang, with the right tools you can easily make a beautiful website with 0 knowledge of coding (a little bit here and there helps, but is definitely not required).

Website builders like Squarespace make website creation as easy as drag and drop.

#9: You don’t have to pay a pro to build it

don't pay a pro to build your website

Also back in the old, dark days of the internet, websites cost a lot of money.

We actually know a dude who made thousands of $$$ building websites for companies in high school back in the ‘90s.

He builds way better websites for big companies now, so he still makes $$$.

And for the kind of website you might want to build, there are plenty of pros who’ll want to charge $2-5k to make it for you.

Not. Needed.

You can do it your self on the fast and cheap.

#10: We’re gonna help you do it right!

Dale website building genius

To the last couple of points…

Reason 10 you need a website is because we’ll help you do it right!

Despite our honest and vigorous assurances, we know it’s still intimidating to do.

As easy and cheap as it is to build a website these days, there’s still a good bit to learn.

Which is why we’ll continue to help you make any kind of website, including but not limited to:

  • Personal websites
  • Blog websites
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Photography/videography websites
  • Portfolio websites
  • Affiliate websites

…The list goes on.

dale mcmanus

Hey, my name is Dale! I’ve helped tens of thousands of people build beautiful websites around the world through this site and our YouTube channel!

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