Top 101 Weird Websites to Visit for Fun and Profit [2024]

The unending rabbit hole we know as the internet comes with no shortage of brain-boggling content. We’re usually well aware of those normal John Doe sites, but there are also a bunch of really dope weird websites that are worth adding to the bookmarks bar!

The first 10 sites on our list are sites we’ve hand-picked because not only are they unusual, they’re also quite practical (even beneficial)!

Check out our video below on the top ten weirdest websites that are sure to knock your socks off (which we cover in this list as well). After that, continue on to get an extra helping of no-holds-barred crazy and funny websites!


Top 101 funny and weird websites to visit

satisfying websites how secure is my password landing page

1. How Secure is My Password

Here’s a nifty website if you’re serious about staying encrypted at the highest possible level. How Secure is My Password is a website that basically tells you how long it’d take for your password to get hacked.

strange websites this is why im broke landing page

2. This is Why I’m Broke

This is Why I’m Broke is a strange website where you can buy random things you may or may not need. Take, for example, bulletproof men’s underwear, or a tank for your cat. Yup – it gets that weird.

But they’ve got some pretty useful stuff too, like giant water slides and off-road ATVs. It’s worth a browse without a doubt… but your wallet will be tempted.

unusual websites will robots take my job landing page

3. Will Robots Take My Job?

Will Robots Take My Job? is a simple (while unusual) website – you just put in your job and they’ll tell you whether or not it’ll be taken over by robots at some point.

Here they give you a percentage chance of your job being taken over, when such an occurrence might happen and even tell you if you need to worry or not. Sweet!

crazy websites photopea new project page

4. Photopea

Photopea is basically a free online photoshop. So if you don’t want to pay 20 bucks a month for the real thing, Photopea is the place to be.

There are pretty much all the same tools as in Photoshop, and you can even save files as .psd’s and then open them in Photoshop! If that doesn’t warm the photo editor’s heart, I don’t know what will. 

craziest websites madeon adventure machine landing page

5. MadeonFR Adventure Machine

So Madeon is a musical artist, and his Adventure Machine is a beat board that you can mix beats with. You pick drums, some vocals, and synth, and let the adventure machine do its thing.

weird websites to visit tiiime homepage

6. Tiiime is maybe among the most weird websites on our top ten list. It’ll basically tell you how long it’ll take to binge-watch your favorite TV shows. Just type a TV show into the search bar, click go, and get the details for yourself.

craziest websites weboasis homepage

7. Web Oasis

Web Oasis is just a replacement that you can use for your web browser homepage. You can either search for something in Google or choose one of the hotlinks to all the most popular websites like Reddit, Facebook, etc.

unusual websites rave dj landing page

8. Rave DJ

Rave.DJ is a super cool website that allows you to mashup two songs into one, even create full playlists. Just search for the two songs you want to mash up on youtube and choose to create a mashup.

weirdest websites zoom quilt illustrators

9. Zoom Quilt

Zoom Quilt is an endless string of artwork that’s all tied together the more you keep zooming in. The more you go, the more artwork appears. 

You can use the arrow keys to speed up the zoom process or even backtrack – it’s a pretty trippy website. Plus, you can click the button on the side to view more zoom quilts by select illustrators.

funny websites stool analyzer landing page

10. Stool Analyzer

Stool Analyzer is one of the most obscure websites out there, but could be the next big thing for personal health checkups!  On this site, you can actually analyze how healthy your poop is, and put your diet habits to the poop test. 

Just select your poop’s color, shape, how frequently it appears, and what happens after it hits the bowl to analyze your poop. You might learn something important.

Unusual website amazon dating hot singles near me

11. Amazon Dating

Amazon Dating is… well… we’ll let you investigate this one on your own!

weirdest websites endless horse

12. Endless Horse

This is definitely one of the most strange websites we’ve ever encountered. Endless Horse is a horse that has an endless amount of leg length at full viewing disclosure – we don’t think it ever stops.

strange websites internet live stats landing

13. Internet Live Stats

Okay, this website is actually pretty cool. On Internet Live Stats you can view some rather interesting internet statistics, including total number of internet users in the world, number of Google searches for the day, active Twitter users, and more.

funniest websites passive aggressive passwords worst password ever

14. Passive Aggressive Passwords

Imagine you have to create a stellar password, and the only feedback you received on password quality came by way of your very passive-aggressive in-laws. Well, that’s exactly what Passive Aggressive Passwords does for their visitors.

Although it’s one of the funniest websites (these in-laws lay it on straight) it’s also pretty useful as a real-time muse for generating creative and distinct passwords. Just be ready to get roasted every time you fall short of the mark!

funny websites wowen wilson quiz landing page

15. The Wow’en Wilson Quiz

Here’s an instant hit for the movie buffs and Owen Wilson fans. The Wow’en Wilson Quiz website lets you guess which movie each of Owen’s “wow”s come from. It’s kinda kooky, but can be fun with the right group of friends during a weekly game night.

strange websites paper toilet homepage

16. Paper Toilet Roll

The Paper Toilet website features a cool hovering TP roll that can be rolled out or in.

funny websites make everything ok loading

17. Make Everything OK Button

Find yourself being not okay? Want to make everything okay? No problem! With the Make Everything OK button, you’re just one click away from making everything okay!

obscure websites falling

18. Falling

Honestly, this is one of those unusual websites that doesn’t end well for its visitors (at least not for us). The dreary sounds and collapsing panels on Falling doesn’t inspire the greatest of feelings. 

weirdest websites to visit zomg zufall

19. Zomg Zufall

Definitely, amongst the most crazy websites on the planet, Zomg Zufall takes flash fun to rockstar level. 

obscure websites quick draw homepage

20. Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! is a pretty awesome site that lets you upload your doodles for the great cause of machine learning research. 

strange websites jodi homepage

21. Jodi

Herein lies Jodi. I don’t know… maybe there’s actually something to take away from this utmost of strange websites other than matrix-green lines and glyphs over a black screen…

funniest websites zombo homepage

22. Zombo

“Anything is possible at ZomboCom! The infinite is possible at ZomboCom! Welcome to ZomboCom!

strange websites map crunch sunny hillside

23. Map Crunch

Map Crunch randomizes different Google Earth locations for you to explore. It’s really a great way to take in some new scenery and learn a thing or two about our vast planet!

weird website staggering beauty shake vigorously

24. Staggering Beauty (Epilepsy warning!)

On Staggering Beauty, you get to manipulate this poofy black worm thing. It’s quite therapeutic and fun. Shaking it vigorously can and will lead to an ocular explosion. You have been warned

weird websites take me to a useless website homepage

25. The Useless Web

If you’re too lazy to find the perfect useless website to visit, use The Useless Web to give you a hand. It’ll get you to a useless website, guaranteed!

unusual websites pointer pointer keystone light

26. Pointer Pointer

On Pointer Pointer, moving your cursor by even the slightest margin summons a pointer finger from the virtual nether realm – and points!

craziest websites bristlr media

27. Bristlr

Put as simply as possible, Bristlr is the Tinder for bearded folk. So if you’ve got a beard and you need it caressed (or the other way around), check this site out!

strange websites koalas to the max

28. Koalas to the Max

What starts off as 1 large pixelated circle develops into intimate koala images on Koalas to the Max. The process of getting there is really fun, and the end result is totally worth it!

craziest websites republique des mangues

29. République Des Mangues

Not only is this one of the most strange websites one could visit, it’s also the coolest! All hail the divine floating and shining mango – leader of Le Republique Des Mangues

strange websites ouais mais bon

30. Ouais Mais Bon

The three french-speaking gentlemen at Ouais Mais Bon all have something very important to say. It’s so important, their message, they utter very little else.

craziest websites gif cities ren and stimpy

31. Gif Cities

Gif Cities is one of the most satisfying websites on this list – a designated search engine specifically for enjoying the world of gifs. Let the gif giving continue in the festive spirit!

weird websites pixels fighting red vs dark red

32. Pixels Fighting

Where there is internet, there are pixels. Usually, all the pixels are well behaved and stay in their place. But from time to time, there begets a pixel beef amidst all the confinements of the pixel world. And that’s where Pixels Fighting comes in – It’s the pixel battle stage!

funny websites hustlin' rick ross

33. Every Day I’m

Hustlin’. Yes. And if you are hustlin’ every day, you just might wanna bookmark this site. Just load up the page, move your cursor to the word of the hour, and let the instrumental profess your lifestyle choices. This is a dope one.

obscure website Nooooooooooooooo homepage

34. Nooooooooooooooo

Nooooooooooooooo is a simple website. When in dire straights and in need of an emphatic “NO”, employ the help of Dark Vader and this website to help you get the job done.

It actually does help to have a whole website dedicated to the prescription of your despair.

funny websites is it christmas no (1)

35. Is It Christmas?

Is it Christmas? is a satisfying website that tells you whether or not it’s Christmas. So clutch right?

It may come in handy if you ever find yourself trapped in an underground bunker with no sense of time during an apocalypse, and happen to have both a working technological device with internet and a wish to celebrate the holiday season.

weird websites cat bounce cats

36. Cat Bounce

Cat Bounce calls upon the power of bouncing cats to cheer up any loathsome soul. It’s a weird website to visit unless you don’t have a beating heart and despise cats.

strange websites procatinator dj cats

37. Procatinator

This has to be one of the absolute coolest websites ever created. Procatinator loads up gifs of cats doing whatever cats like to do and pairs them with some appropriate audio. A big “thank you” to whoever created this amazingly weird website!

obscure websites patience is a virtue loading page

38. Patience is a Virtue.

Patience is a Virtue is a most obscure website which heals us by hurting us – that is, testing to wit our patience for the globally abhorred loading screen.

unusual websites corndog landing page

39. Corn Dog simulates a universe where it always rains corn dogs. The website is actually quite visually pleasing, and we find it even has a calming effect. The falling pace of those raining corn dogs is just spot on!

strange websites rainy mood homepage

40. Rainy Mood

Ever feel like zoning out to the sound of heavy rain, maybe for sleep or study? If so, we get it – and so does the developer of Rainy Mood. This cool website provides high-quality audio of heavy rain in a thunderstorm.

There’s even a downloadable app for IOS and windows so you can have that rainy mood on call anytime, anyplace. 

weird websites corndog on corndog 2 corndogs

41. Corndog on Corndog

The corndog has made a return! – this time a dynamic entry in stunning photo quality. At Corndog on Corndog, find two G’d up corn dogs, absolutely ready for anything. That badass background audio loop reflects their badassery. 

funniest websites trash loop

42. Trash Loop

Yes, it’s the infamous Trash Loop jump shot test, but online. So if you could never make it in real life, give it a shot here (but it’s still harder than it looks).

craziest websites hosanna 1 homepage

43. Hosanna 1

It’s hard to tell exactly just what the hell is going on over at Hosanna1 – something about Afghan hounds, bible quotes, and legal advice? Well, one thing is for sure, this is one of the craziest websites we’ve ever laid eyes on.

unusual websites the beatles never broke up cassette

44. The Beatles Never Broke Up

The Beatles Never Broke Up is one of those obscure and trippy websites postulating something that’s perhaps unprovable and doing so in a damn convincing manner.

We don’t know if the story really holds up, but the music is quite good – definitely worth a visit to this weird website!

weirdest websites cant not tweet this

45. Can’t Not Tweet This

The simple truth with this funny website is that you “Can’t Not Tweet This”. The tweet button will follow your cursor wherever it goes, all who dare click will be damned to Twitter… perhaps never to return again.

weird websites to visit eel slap

46. Eel Slap

Eel Slap is the funky website you go to when you wanna slap this dude seen above with a very slimy eel. It’s actually a very satisfactory pastime, which we’re sure you’ll find to be true after a few slaps.

obscure websites electric boogie woogie

47. Electric Boogie Woogie

We’d prize Electric Boogie Woogie as one of the top unusual websites to date in that it’s not every day you see a 1940s painting rendered on the animated screen!

It took inspiration (and everything else) from Piet Mondrian’s “Broadway Boogie Woogie”.

thats the finger strange website finger up

48. That’s the Finger

And that’s perhaps the perfect way to flip off your ex-boss. That’s the Finger. That’s the friggin finger that we all love and adore. A somewhat weird website, with a good cause.

crazy websites wut da fuk

49. Wut da Fuk

WTF had to complement the previous website in this list. It’s a beautiful website with groovy colored WTF’s that look inspired by “Friends”.

satisfying websites momspagetti eminem

50. Momspagetti

So Momspagetti has to be on the list for dopest websites ever, especially for Eminem fans. The lyrics have been flipped to emphasize just how pivotal Mom’s spaghetti really is, but you can tell it was approached with true care and adoration. Nice going there.

funny website chris mckenzie pink cube

51. Chris Mckenzie

Chris Mckenzie (we’re assuming this is some kid’s school project or something) developed a weird website where an oddly expressive pink cube looks to wherever your cursor moves on the screen.

strange websites you should have seen this list

52. You Should Have Seen This

This funny website has dedicated itself to the selfless mantra “You Should Have Seen This”. All those who have fallen short of such words are bashed a bit, but that’s part of the learning process.

unusual websites weird or confusing homepage

53. Weird or Confusing

Here’s a weird website that takes you to some weird Amazon product whenever you click on the pink button. Weird or Confusing can be quite a useful place to start if you’re scouring out a strange gift to cop for your cool uncle or something.

the dictionary of obscure sorrows satisfying websites onism

54. Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

As the name implies, The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows prides itself on being one of the most obscure websites on the interweb. It’s a great tool if you’re a writer trying to expand your vocabulary of not-so-happy words

vaguely rude places strange websites europe

55. Vaguely Rude Places

Vaguely Rude Places gives you a detailed map of every place in the world that has something snarky to say in their names.

unusual websites science vs magic hexagons

56. Science vs Magic

Science vs Magic is a marvelous website that allows you to play with color, angles, and geometry with a few simple clicks and drags. Loads of fun!

corgi orgy crazy websites

57. Corgi Orgy

Corgi Orgy is just a website with a bunch of corgis swimming happily in some liquid. Stay for long enough and it drags you to some guy’s Instagram page. Weird.

thought screen homepage crazy websites

58. Thought Screen

Thought Screen is a wicked website that lets you chat with an AI either via text or talk about whatever your heart desires. This one is an instant classic.

eat this much strange websites homepage

59. Eat This Much

Eat This Much makes dieting easy. Just drop in some numbers and find out how much of each thing you need to be eating – surely a nifty website.

rgb weird websites 3 letters

60. RGB

RGB is a simple website that gives you a rudimentary and hands-on definitive explanation of what exactly RGB is.

move now think later weirdest websites to visit checkers

61. Move Now Think Later

Move Now Think Later is a giant checkerboard where the pieces move completely on their own and out of your control.  In other words, strange website which serves no purpose!

is it normal funny websites forum

62. Is it Normal?

Is It Normal? is a website forum where you can ask questions teetering the line between pedestrian and strange, and other people give you feedback on the situation.

patridge gets lucky obscure websites dancing man

63. Partridge Gets Lucky

Partridge Gets Lucky is a weird website of a man in a polo shirt playing an air guitar to a popular Daft Punk song – if you know the group, you can get which one.

weird websites 9gag trending

64. 9GAG

9GAG is one of the OG weird websites since users have been uploading the most obnoxious content here for ages to come. They’re still up and running too – their FB page has over 30 million followers. 9GAG is one for the books.

funny websites awkward family photos valentines day

65. Awkward Family Photos

This hilarious website, Awkward Family Photos is obviously full of strange pictures taken of and by family members. What a great idea for a website, although it is quite strange.

hat obscure websites

66. Hat

Also known as the “Do Not Go On” website, this unusual site has 3 hats that seem to advise strongly against being/continuing on the site. The more you try, the more you’re warned.

reasons my son is crying crazy websites gambling

67. Reasons My Son is Crying

Reasons My Son is Crying is a super weird website because unlike the site suggests, it has absolutely nothing to do with sons crying… it’s all about gambling.

bored button strange websites homepage

68. Bored Button

If you’re bored, you can press the Bored Button and it’ll take you to some strange, pointless, or sometimes cool place to actually do something with your life.

table flipper funny websites comedy

69. Table Flipper

The Table Flipper is an entire website dedicated to a meme of a well-known man flipping over a small table in the presence of an unsuspecting boy.

weird websites salmon of capistrano pink

70. Salmon of Capistrano

Salmon of Capistrano is again, one of the most useless and weird websites we’ve come across… but it does look really cool.

omg laser guns pew pew pew space squirrels crazy websites

71. OMG Laser Guns Pew Pew Pew

You can probably tell from the thumbnail here that OMG Laser Guns Pew Pew Pew is as cool as the weird websites come. 

click to removes strange websites

72. Click to Remove

Another strange and utterly pointless website. Click to Remove is a website where you click to remove letters. That’s all.

weird websites down for everyone or just me whole foods

73. Down for Everyone or Just Me?

Down for Everyone or Just Me? is a really useful site where you can cross-check if a website is down on only your advice, or if it’s a worldwide issue.

big long now weirdest websites to visit white door

74. Big Long Now

On this most unusual website, the Big Long Now, you ring the doorbell and wait for someone to answer.

crazy websites radiooooo homepage

75. Radiooooo

Radiooooo is an awesomely strange radio streaming website where you can choose any location and time period, and get connected to a relevant radio streaming for the information you’re looking for. This is a good one.

fml young love crazy websites

76. FML

FML is like Twitter for peeps just posting a bunch of unfortunate turn of events that’s happened in their lives. It’s a funny website that can be a breath of fresh air if you’ve got some dire shit to share.

the worse things for sale sushi gun weirdest websites

77. The Worse Things for Sale

Yup, you guessed it. The Worse Things for Sale is a website list of unworthy things which have been attempted to be sold by whoever.

omfgdogs landing page satisfying websites


OMFGDOGS is an animated dog-run website where you can look at many dogs run across a flashy background to arcade music. A truly weird site.

mental floss satisfying websites van gogh

79. Mental Floss

Mental Floss makes this list of weird websites because it’s chock full of hard-boiled facts concerning just about every mystery you’d have considered throughout the course of your life. Check this site out if you wanna learn some cool new things.

people of walmart freezer man funny websites

80. People of Walmart

As to be expected, People of Walmart gets daily uploads of the weirdest Walmart moments ever captured on camera.

weirdest websites to visit sentimental corporation nothing

81. Sentimental Corporation

Sentimental Corporation isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a damn eerie website with no purpose except to be eerie and even frightening. That seems to be the only agenda.

god hates shrimp homepage crazy websites

82. God Hates Shrimp

This obscure website is where you can read all about the actual reasons why God Hates Shrimp

name combiner strange websites

83. Name Combiner

The Name Combiner lets you choose up to 4 names of your choice and slap them all together to make a completely unique name!

draw a stickman tip obscure websites

84. Draw a Stickman

Draw a Stickman is an unusual website where you can draw stickman figures and then use the figures you draw in playable adventures!

notpron satisfying websites door riddle

85. Notpron

Notpron is a dope place to visit if you enjoy solving intricate riddles. The website is well thought out and offers you clues as you progress along the journey.

satisfying websites essay typer american history

86. Essay Typer

Essay Typer has to be one of the greatest websites of this generation. On it, you choose an essay topic of your choice before the site types out an entire essay for you! Where the hell was this 20 years ago!?

funny websites oddee weirdest controllers (1)

87. Oddee

Oddee is another cool website to learn about a bunch of unusual facts you probably never knew about.

funny websites this is my website now circles

88. This is My Website Now

As the site itself quotes, This is My Website Now is a hodgepodge of random things you can get into, some helpful, some pointless.

unusual websites haneke hedgehog live stream

89. Haneke

Haneke is a pretty unusual site that offers a live stream of a nesting box in someone’s garden.

honest slogans funny websites pokemon donald trump

90.  Honest Slogans

Honest Slogans has to be one of the coolest websites in the world. Here you’ll find a bunch of reimagined logos with messages you may or may not want to receive. 

funny websites instant cosby blinking

91. Instant Cosby

Enough fresh Instant Cosby fun for the whole party! One of the funniest websites on this list, and one of the funniest we’ve seen.

forgotify landing page weirdest websites to visit

92. Forgotify

Forgotify is a music website inspired by all the Spotify songs that were barely or never played at all. Take a visit here if you’re looking for some fresh (potentially very bad) indie music.

tholman strange websites cap

93. Tholman

On Tholman, you can write or draw anything you want in words. While the font is set, the written text actually gets displayed in a box on the screen, along with some adjustable parameters.

The words even adjust depending on your stroke. It’s a really fly website, definitely worth checking out.

big think satisfying websites meditation

94. Big Think

Big Think is another website that tackles plenty of controversial or otherwise quirky topics, lending a fresh perspective based on concrete analysis. It’s a great site to visit if you’re looking to learn some rare, often rare facts.

wish push crazy websites star

95. Wish Push

Wish Push, although sweet, is a pointless website where you can click on a digital star and make a wish.

don't even reply funny website japanese

96. Don’t Even Reply

Don’t Even Reply is a funny website full of emails from assholes. There aren’t that many on the site, but there are surely enough for good kicks.

funny websites i waste so much time boy being threatened

97. I Waste So Much Time

Another hilarious website, I Waste So Much Time is a website forum with a bunch of funny pictures, videos, and memes about whatever you might imagine.

midomi satisfying websites landing page

98. Midomi

Midomi is an awesome music website where you can search for songs by playing or humming/singing them yourself! It’s like Shazaam for those moments when you don’t have the original source of music to give you a hand.

One of the coolest websites for musicians and music lovers.

9 eyes frog strange websites

99. 9 Eyes

9-Eyes is a Tumblr page where every post is a strange photo taken from a Google Earth camera somewhere around the world. The weirdest part is that Google actually doesn’t have a strong filter for these photos.

omegle weirdest websites landing page

100. Omegle 

In need of someone to chat with who you don’t know at all? Well if so, head on over to Omegle! The concept is pretty weird, but you might actually end up making a few new friends.

do nothing for 2 minutes satisfying websites

101. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

As the name implies, Do Nothing for 2 Minutes is all about inspiring you to erase your mind for just 2 minutes – tune out to a scenic background picture and the sound of waves.

So there we go. That was one hell of a list! By now, if you’re thinking of some fun things you can do offline, we totally don’t blame you.

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