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    Why Learn To Build Your Own Website?

    It’s About More Than Saving $$$…

    Whether you want to build a business to quit your day job, share your work in a super slick portfolio, or create a blog to share your thoughts and knowledge with the world, it all starts with a killer website.

    You could pay someone else to make one for you if you’ve got the extra cash…

    But that get’s expensive fast.

    Plus, you’ll be forever dependent on having someone else make all the little tweaks and changes you’ll need to keep your site fresh and functional.

    When you learn to build your own website, you’ll not only save some of your hard-earned cash, you’ll also have the confidence that comes from being in control of making your vision a reality.

    Also, once you get up to speed on website building basics, making your own website is hella fun. 🙂

    What You'll Learn

    From Zero to Kick-Ass Website in 5 Days

    Day 1: 10 Reasons You NEED a Website

    You’ve got your reasons. We’ve all got our reasons. But do you have… All the reasons?! Day 1 (aka “today”) we’ll cover the top 10 reasons for building your website – so you’ve got all the ammo you need to get pumped and get invested in creating your kick-ass site.

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    Day 2: How To Setup Your Domain Name, Hosting & Website

    If hosting is the “land” on which your website “house” is built, your domain name is the “address.” That little analogy gets you up to speed on the basics of what all that stuff is.

    The details of how to actually get it all up, running, and working – that’s what we’ll cover on Day 2.

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    Day 3: Customize Your Website and Make It Look Sexy

    Will your new website “work?” Sure, of course, it has to.

    But that’s just so… “acceptable.” And this course is about “kick-ass.”

    So Day 3, we’ll go over the few simple things you need to know to have a ton of choice and control over how your website looks and feels so you can make it sexy, shiny, and awe-inspiring.

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    Day 4: Create Your Very Own Logo for FREE

    Whether you’re building a brand around yourself or the new blog or business you’re creating, you're going to need a logo.

    Something that helps you stand out from the crowd. Something that makes everything you do instantly recognizable. Something that makes your header menu more than just a set of words and links. It’s logo making time!

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    Day 5: Get a Professional Email Account Linked To Gmail

    Boring, old emails aren’t going to cut it if you want to have a pro web presence.

    Professional email addresses using your domain name the usual way (which costs $$ and is nowhere near as awesome as Gmail) doesn’t quite hit the mark either.

    On Day 5, we’ll get you a custom email address using the domain name you set up on Day 2 – for free, with Gmail.

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    ecourse example site

    What You'll Create

    Custom Domain + Pro Hosting

    Your digital land and address.

    Kick-Ass Website

    It won’t just “work” – it’ll be damn good.

    Sweet Logo

    A little something for them to remember you by.

    Pro Email Address

    For that pro-polish to your online presence.

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    This FREE 5-Day eCourse is jam-packed with EVERYTHING you need to learn How To Create Your Own Website, Absolutely Free!

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